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Consultation, Insurance and Out of Network Services

Free 15 minute consultation

At my Integrative Psychiatry practice, I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership built on mutual trust and understanding. That's why I offer a free 15-minute consultation where we can explore your health concerns and goals. This meeting allows us to determine if we're a good fit for each other. It gives you a chance to understand my holistic approach to healing, while I gain insight into your unique needs and expectations. It's the first step in our journey towards your comprehensive wellbeing and I look forward to embarking on this path together.

Free Fifteen Minute Consultation

The Initial Appointment


The initial consultation at our Integrative Psychiatry practice is a comprehensive, 60-minute, meticulously designed to lay the groundwork for your healing journey. In this session, our primary focus is to gather a complete understanding of your medical and psychiatric history, including any previous diagnoses. This evaluation paves the way for a detailed discussion about potential further tests that may be necessary to identify the root causes of your health concerns accurately. Our approach may include considering lab tests. The core objective of this first session is to establish a deep and holistic understanding of your health and well-being. We aim to know you as a patient and as an individual, discerning the intricate details that contribute to your current health scenario. This comprehensive information will be meticulously reviewed and used to prepare for your next session. In this subsequent meeting, we will be equipped to discuss and potentially prescribe appropriate treatments.

Inital Appointment

The Second Appointment


In the second session of our Integrative Psychiatry practice, we build upon the foundation laid in the initial 60-minute consultation. This session serves as a critical follow-up where we delve deeper for further clarification and understanding of your unique health situation. We take this opportunity to discuss potential treatment options, integrating insights from both the initial session and any new information gathered during this meeting. Our approach is meticulous and patient-focused. We thoroughly vet each treatment recommendation to ensure we are providing the best possible options for your specific needs. This personalized care is central to our philosophy, recognizing that each individual's path to wellness is unique. After this session, we present you with a tailored treatment plan. This plan is not only a reflection of our collaborative discussions but also of the comprehensive understanding we've developed about your health status and needs. To supplement our recommendations, we provide informational handouts. These handouts are not generic but are specifically crafted to align with the information and discussions unique to your case. They serve as valuable resources, offering insights and guidance relevant to your treatment plan and overall wellness journey.

Follow up Appointment

Follow up appointments


In a 40-minute follow-up appointment at my Integrative Psychiatry practice, we will meticulously review any test results, and reassess your health status, taking into account any changes or progress made since our initial meeting. This reassessment forms the foundation upon which we can implement relevant interventions tailored to your specific needs. We will also fine-tune the existing treatment plan, making necessary adjustments based on your progress and current situation. This dynamic approach ensures that your pathway to healing is not just personalized, but also adaptable to your evolving health needs and goals.

Insurance pay options

I offer various psychiatric services. Out-of-network/Cash Pay services are marked above. Copays/Deductibles with insurance will vary.

I currently carry: Highmark Blue Cross Blue Sheild of WNY, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Aetna, United, Optum, Oxford, Cigna, Evernorth, Other Blue Cross Blue Sheild Plans and more. Please contact us for information on insurance coverage. 

We currently do not accept Medicaid, Medicare, Independent Health and Univera plans.

Laboratory Services and Treatments

Many psychiatric medications and laboratory services may be covered by insurance. However, many treatments such as supplements will not be covered by insurance. Many specialty laboratory tests may not be covered by insurance as well. Many interventions that I would refer out like IV nutrition and neurofeedback also may not be covered by insurance. All interventions will be reviewed with you and their costs, risks, and benefits will be explained so you can make the best decision for your mental and physical health.

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